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Master Data Migration Inc is a boutique Data Analytics company specializing in master data migration from one application to another.

Master Data Migration Inc has designed and developed an Intelligent solution - MDM360 for complete master data cleansing, conversion, and Migration quickly and easily.

Our guiding belief is data quality is profoundly associated with managing key data elements (master data) in the early stages of the data lifecycle. Our solution enables disparate master data elements to be profiled, cleansed, rationalized, and enriched to create a golden master data to power IT applications for enhanced business productivity.

Our core competence i.e. the mechanism where we deliver value to our customers is on three key capabilities – Master Data Management (MDM), Data Conversion and Migration (DDC), and Data Quality Assurance (DQA).

About Us - Master Data Migration

Our Services

Poor data quality impacts a Organization in three main ways.

  1. No single customer view for omnichannel marketing. Research has shown that 78% of consumers will only engage with if their previous interactions was factored.
  2. Duplicate data hinders personalization. 77% of consumers say that they have paid more for a product that offers a personalized experience.
  3. Finally, poor data impacts accurate reporting, harms data-backed decisions, and affects business productivity.

To address these types of issues, our master data migration solution is based on 4 key phases and we provide services in each of the 4 phases. Each phase is modular and outcome focused. We have developed propriety tools and techniques for each of these four phases to provide the best results for our clients.

Our Value Proposition

FAQ - Master Data Migration

Clients have hired us for three key reasons:

  1. We are focused on enhancing master data migration for all domains that can reduce your risk of realizing Master Data Quality.

  2. We reuse and repurpose solutions on SKUs(products), Customers, Stores, and Suppliers, from the various Master Data Migration projects we have completed to reduce implementation cost and improve the speed of realizing Master Data Quality.

  3. We bring an eco-system. Apart from providing an extended warranty for our solutions, we have partnerships with leading subject matter experts, data validators, and MDM/ERP vendors.

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United States

7350 E Progress Pl, Greenwood Village,
Colorado - 80111.
+1  (510) 396-9979